If anyone's actually even reading this ...

please, please, please tell me what to make of this. No really, I need input here. 

Maybe I should just give this all up and talk about the kids I don't have. 

Wait - there's an idea. 

A few more beers and I think I may be on to something. 


  1. Marm is trying to escape the hell of living with Phil the Asshat by canoe-ing away.

    That makes me sad5, because he doesn't realize that it's just kiddie pool, not a river. He is just a giant dog, after all. It's not like he's a brain scientist or something.

  2. By the way... is there a drowning child in that pool? I think I see a yellow ponytail.

    I bet Marm is trying to get her to safety.[aura]


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