Album Titles as Literalized by a Pretentious Asshole

Same as before, only different. Kinda.


Corporeal Tagging

Magenta Precipitation

Loose Clamor and Melodic Drone

Adhesive Phalanges


Merely a Male Child

Aphotic Lunar Portion

Genetically Predisposed to Scamper


1.1829411825 Liters to Liberty

Melee of the City of Angels

Standard Commercial Activity

Nocturnal Motions

Internally Initiated Conflagration

Esurience for Chaotic Disassembly

AntologĂ­a Blanca

More Formidable than Tanned Bovine Skin

One Style of Prestidigitation

Beneath the Plateau and Musing

Yeah, they bang chicks. Why do you ask?


  1. Nice glam-rock album cover. I didn't think they were trying too hard until I saw the soccer shinguards on the guy with the gemstone choker. And is the last guy wearing a denim miniskirt????

    Not judging, just checking.

    2 - Purple Rain
    4 - Sticky Fingers
    5 - 1984
    8 - Born to Run
    15 - Appetite for Destruction

  2. The only one i got was Purple Rain. I will be back go see the answers

  3. 13- Night Moves
    17 - Tougher Than Leather
    10 - 40 oz to Freedom
    14 - Spontaneous Combustion
    12 - Business as Usual
    7 - Dark Side of the Moon

    fun, fun! Can't wait to see all the answers.

  4. BTW - I'll not post the answers until Samsmamma gets back and has a chance to play along ... once the hangover is gone, of course.

  5. I got "Boy". I'm jet lagged, forgive me. I'll try again after some much needed sleep, but just had to stop by.

  6. Okay, here are the answers, in case anyone still wants 'em ...

    Physical Graffiti

    Purple Rain

    Rattle and Hum

    Sticky Fingers


    Only a Lad

    Dark Side of the Moon

    Born to Run

    Porcupine (extra credit if you know that one)

    40 Ounces to Freedom

    Battle for Los Angeles

    Night Moves

    Burning from the Inside

    Appetite for Destruction

    The White Album

    Tougher Than Leather

    A Kind of Magic

    Under the Table and Dreaming

    If'n you don't know these ... you're no friend of mine.

    Not really. I love all a' y'all. Seriousishly.


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