Quiz Update

There will be more coming henceforth and hitherto. Whatever the McFuck that means. Stay tuned; I'm hard at work creating ...


You can't tell, but I have an erection that reaches the very bottom of this board.


  1. wheeee! Maybe I'll even get to do one before everyone beats me to it!

    Btw, I love being a large wooden badger! I'm so used to being a small plastic beaver, you see.

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  3. Bev - I so want to make a Fleshlight remark, but that would be so wrong on so many levels.

    There are three "so's" in that last sentence.

    Jodi - I'm still getting used to it too. Eventually, you will come to accept it, and after several years, you will call it "Daddy".

    Okay, I really need some sleep. This head-cold is making weird shit happen.


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