Band Names as Literalized by a Pretentious Asshole

In the spirit of the last quiz (see below), here's yet another annoying collage of verbal spew which takes the names of bands and takes them to literal roots. Bear in mind that the actual spellings don't count, because as we all know, rockers are stupid people.

If in doubt, blurt it out, just like Grandpa used to say before shitting himself.


Guided Dirigible

Visually Impaired Casaba

Phat Large Spotted Feline

Panel Truck Frozen Rain Occurrence

Definite Article Definite Article

German Minimalist Design School

Definite Article Query of Identification

Bob Seger

Royal Monarch Magenta

Disparate Types of Electrical Transfer

Handheld Weapons and Pricey Blooms

Female Royal Monarch

Ferrous Lass

Female Royal Monarchs of the Paleolithic

Saturated Chroma Holy Day

24th Letter of the Alphabet

Verdant Diurnal Course

Definite Article Tumbling Pebbles

Child Ore

Female Figure of Christianity that Often Appears in Toast

Vehicular Safety Testing Mannequins

Monarchic Son

Oyster Irritant Marmalade

Deceased Lactate Purveyors

Not Memorex

High Altitude Reconnaissance Craft

Architect of Monticello Flying Machine

These assholes have gotten enough attention, don'tcha think?



  1. Led Zeppelin

    Blind Melon

    Gotta run...be back later...

  2. I love quizzes...

    Blind Melon
    Van Halen
    The The
    The Who
    Guns n Roses
    Iron Maiden
    Queens of the Stone Age
    Green Day
    The Rolling Stones
    Kid Rock
    Crash Test Dummies
    Pearl Jam
    Dead Milkmen
    Jefferson Airplane (or Starship)

    I'm sure I missed bands that have come out in the last ten years.

  3. Elliott is clearly good at this quiz...

    I would hesitate to put my paltry list up after his...

  4. Now I feel bad. I just wanted to feel special, I didn't mean to exclude anyone.

    But apparently I did. Sorry, again.

  5. I think the 3rd one is Def Leppard.

  6. Nicely done Elliot!

    Good job, e'eyone! Glad you're liking these. Promise I'll make more.

    Scout's Honor!*

    * - just kidding! I have no honor.

  7. Correct, Leigh. Glad you got that one. Wasn't sure if anyone outside the Hispanic Community would. (it's a joke! Don't report me!)

    Seems that the answers are all complete. I must make the quizzes harder (like my dick).

    SM - awesome that you got King Crimson. This (amongst other reasons) is why you rawk.

    Vodka - welcome. I hope you stick around. I mean the reader as well as the beverage.

    Jennie Mac - I like the avatar, on several levels. Subtle. Cool. Dare I say groovy.

    Seems there's a theme brewing here, so to speak ...

  8. Dammit, I've been grinding away at that one for days, now. HOW did I miss Madonna????

    And I never figured out which band Bob Seger was supposed to represent. Or what a 'saturated chroma holy day' was.

    I'm being dense, aren't I?

  9. Ah-HA! You are correct, Sir Elliott - no one got the one for ... drumroll ... Black Sabbath.

    And Bob Seger was merely a control, which is the opposite of a protrol, by the way.

  10. DAMMIT!!! I'm running through all the colors and holy days I could come up with, I missed that.

    Color Sunday?
    Red Chanukah?

    Looks like I need to brush up on my commandments.

    Yes, I was being dense.


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