Filler Quiz - Movie Victims Reheated

Yeah, I'ma reuse this one whilst I create a new quiz (it's gonna be a toughie, I hope).

Some of you are just too fucking smart and I must challenge you severely for that. So grab your Comfy Chair and prepare to be taunted.

Meanwhile ... name the movies that these victims are from. This is a rehash from July and some have already seen it, but now that I have, like, two new readers ... this Bud's fer you. Name that movie. (Sorry, Cary - I had to)

Bring out your dead!

Laura Palmer

Amanda Hunsaker

Fredrica Bimmel

Benjamin Raspail

Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru

Ben Parker

Dr. Malcolm Crowe

Helen Kimble

Marion Crane

Sam Wheat

Bernie Lomax

Mister Boddy

Pfc. William Santiago

Goose (two-pointer here)

Dennis Vinyard

Joe Takagi

Fawn Liebowitz


Miles Dyson

Eric Draven

Catherine Shelby

Jessie Rockatansky

Not a Prius.


  1. Sad. The only ones I know off the top of my head are:

    Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru: Star Wars, episode 4.

    Bernie Lomax: Weekend at Bernie's.

    Goose: Top Gun

    Sad... sad... sad.

  2. Twin Peaks

    Lethal Weapon

    Silence of The Lambs x2

    And that's it for me, as I was a participant back in July. Don't want to ruin the fun.

  3. Laura Palmer - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Amanda Hunsaker - Lethal Weapon

    Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru - Star Wars (THE Star Wars. Period.)

    Ben Parker - Spiderman

    Helen Kimble - The Fugitive

    Bernie Lomax - Death of a Salesman

    Mister Boddy - Clue

    Pfc. William Santiago - A Few Good Men

    Goose (two-pointer here) Top Gun is a two-pointer?

    Fawn Liebowitz - Animal House

    I'm awful a this, I'm apparently not watching the right movies.

  4. Um, Elliott... Empire Strikes Back? Hellooooo? Best of the series, IMHO. ;)

  5. But the Empire Strikes Back is The Empire Strikes Back, it is not, as the nerdly-come-latelys would have you believe, 'Star Wars 5'.

    Sadly, I've seen eight of the other films represented in the names above, and I didn't get them. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

  6. Oh, and I still have my Empire sheets in a box at home. Might have to throw those pillow cases on after laundry this weekend...

  7. Dr. Malcolm Crowe- The Sixth Sense.
    I knew only a few others (already answered). I suck!

    Are you making a Monty Python quiz?

  8. Marion Crane is Psycho. Literally.

    Sam Wheat is Ghost. RIP.

  9. Bev - yeah, you suck at this. It's a damn good thing you're pretty.

    SM - I promise I'll let you know when the next one's ready. Promise.

    Elliott - got one wrong, but I'm sure you'll figure it out over the weekend.

    Leigh - sucking's okay. I mean, you know. Not being good at certain stuff. I mean ... never mind. Anyway ... I kinda like the idea of a Python quiz. Hmm ...

    Keep at it, kids! I'll post the answers next week. Cheers!

  10. Yeah, I saw that, I was thinking of Bernie's brother Willie.

  11. I found your blog looking up funny Latin sayings to put on my FB page (which went mostly unnoticed). "I don't give a rat's ass" is pretty funny in Latin, but only to the right people. I guess my friends suck!

  12. Leigh - last time I used Latin to communicate, things went terribly bad. Knew I shoulda gone with Aramaic. But that's another story.

    I tried to actually translate "Random Shyt of the Night", but it never came out in an aesthetically pleasing manner, so I chose Faux Latin (or "Flatin") and just made the title up.

    Apropos FaceBook - if you haven't read it yet, check out the story under "This Just In" (click the pic).


  13. The Answers ...

    Laura Palmer - Twin Peaks FWWM

    Amanda Hunsaker - Lethal Weapon

    Fredrica Bimmel - Silence of the Lambs

    Benjamin Raspail - SOTL also

    Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru - Star Wars, ep. 4

    Ben Parker - Spider-Man

    Dr. Malcolm Crowe - The Sixth Sense

    Helen Kimble - The Fugitive

    Marion Crane - Psycho

    Sam Wheat - Ghost

    Bernie Lomax - Weekend at Willie's Brother's Place (wink)

    Mister Boddy - Clue

    Pfc. William Santiago - A Few Good Men

    Goose (two-pointer here) - Top Gun and Mad Max

    Dennis Vinyard - American History X

    Joe Takagi - Die Hard

    Fawn Liebowitz - Animal House

    Murron - Braveheart

    Miles Dyson - T2: Judgment Day

    Eric Draven - The Crow

    Catherine Shelby - Memento

    Jessie Rockatansky - Mad Max (no wonder he was Mad)

    Hope you enjoyed that. Cheers!

  14. Hey, Stuart called me pretty!

    Wait a minute....


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