Answers to the Quiz from Last Year or Whatever

Y'know, the one right below this? Yeah, that one. I know a bunch of you have been waiting for these, so here they are.

1) Jenny Garth Brooks

2) Thomas Jane Seymour

3) Billy Graham Nash

4) Joss Stone Phillips

5) Terrence Howard Hughes

6) Michael Douglas Fairbanks

7) Bob Dylan McDermott

8) Hugh Grant Goodeve

9) Meg Ryan Reynolds

10) Ron Jeremy Irons

11) George Michael Douglas

12) Joe Dante Alighieri

13) Scott Glenn Close

14) Toby Keith Urban

15) George Brett Favre

16) Billy Joel or Zane Grey (double super bonus answer)

17) Clarence Thomas Dolby

18) Phyllis George Romero

19) Bruce Lee Majors

20) Brian Keith Richards

21) Chris Rock Hudson

22) Lenny Bruce Campbell

23) Janet Jackson Pollock

24) Mary-Louise Parker Stevenson

25) Joan Rivers Cuomo

26) George Will Smith

27) Lee Marvin Gaye

28) Pete Rose McGowan

29) Hugh Laurie Anderson

30) Kevin James Joyce

31) Martha Stewart Copeland

32) Eli Whitney Houston

33) Bernie Mac Davis

34) Bobby Van Morrison

35) Grace Kelly Hogan

36) Andy Dick Van Patten

37) Clive Owen Wilson

38) Roddy Piper Laurie

39) Matt Damon Wayans

40) Nick Jonas Salk

Hope you all had fun!

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