The Missing Link Quiz, Episode IV: Malcolm in the Middle

Following is a list of names that share one thing in common: a missing name in the middle. The missing middle name is the last name of the first name and the first name of the last name. Got it?

In other words, AB and BC share B, where A and C just make no sense together otherwise, except that some of them happen to be quite lovely. And these are all real people, or sometimes were, as the case may be. No fictitious character names were harmed.

This is where all that Algebra finally pays off. Hints available for .99 on iStunes.

Now here they are, in no particular order ... your Missing Links:

1) Jenny Brooks

2) Thomas Seymour

3) Billy Nash

4) Joss Phillips

5) Terrence Hughes

6) Michael Fairbanks

7) Bob McDermott

8) Hugh Goodeve

9) Meg Reynolds

10) Ron Irons

11) George Douglas

12) Joe Alighieri

13) Scott Close

14) Toby Urban

15) George Favre

16) Billy Grey (double super bonus answer)

17) Clarence Dolby

18) Phyllis Romero

19) Bruce Majors

20) Brian Richards

21) Chris Hudson

22) Lenny Campbell

23) Janet Pollock

24) Mary-Louise Stevenson

25) Joan Cuomo

26) George Smith

27) Lee Gaye

28) Pete McGowan

29) Hugh Anderson

30) Kevin Joyce

31) Martha Copeland

32) Eli Houston

33) Bernie Davis

34) Bobby Morrison

35) Grace Hogan

36) Andy Van Patten

37) Clive Wilson

38) Roddy Laurie

39) Matt Wayans

40) Nick Salk

Find the missing Wal*Mart shopper.


  1. Ohhhhhhhh...I get it now. Wow, it's sad how many times I had to read that. #1 is Jenny Garth Brooks. And that's as far as I've looked. But I was just so damn proud of myself, I had to comment.

  2. 2. Jane

    3. Graham

    4. Stone

    5. Howard

    6. Douglas

    7. Dylan

    8. Grant

    9. Ryan

    10. Jeremy

    I am rocking at this, and for once I'm not cheating. I need more wine.

  3. Rawk on, SM! I'm adding five more ...

  4. 11. Michael

    14. Keith

    15. Brett

    17. Thomas

    19. Lee

    20. Keith (?)

    23. Jackson

    24. Parker

    Wow...I suck...

    31. Stuart

    32. Whitney

    33. Mac

    36. Dick

    37. Owen

    38. Piper

    39. Damon

    Without cheating, that's all I've got. I have guesses on a few, but I'm not that brave.

  5. SM - you rawk. In fact, you're beating out EVERY OTHER PERSON who has taken this quiz.

    And that's sayin' something.

  6. It's the fierce competition that has really motivated me!

  7. Crush them. Crush them all. Then drink the sweet wine from their skulls and shove white-hot lances in their ... sorry. Got all Pol Pot there for a sec. Carry on.

  8. I'll post the answers tomorrow, so all a' y'all can carry on with your lives.

    And by all a' y'all, I mean ... yeah.


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