Squirrels: Evil or just Canadian?

We report, you decide.

Yeah! How you like me NOW, bitches?

(Thanks to Jodi, who will of course kill me if I don't give her credit.)


  1. Jodi just needs to take over your blog. Seems like she does all the leg work anyway.

    I LOVE this! Saw it earlier and about busted a nut laughing. (See what I did there? Squirrel humor.) That's the ultimate photobomber!

  2. Jodi just takes advantage of the fact that she has the luxury of finding the shit I would have found later anyway and telling me about it before I could find it just so she can lay claim to it.

    It's kind of annoying, but don't say nuthin', alright? Thanks!

  3. Stuart, Jodi is going to kill you.

    Kari, thanks for freaking me the fuck out.

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  5. Kari - how right you are. Little fuckers use their inherent amazing cuteness to keep us all going "awww" while they wreak havoc upon us.

    I truly believe they're all Canadian. I mean evil.

    'Course, "Mrs. O'Leary's Squirrel" just doesn't have the same pop, y'know?

  6. It'll be a hot time in the ole' town tonight.

    Fucking super.

    And Jodi, SCORE!!!

  7. I hate squirrels, but love squirrel photobombers. Go figure.

  8. We train them to be evil and then send them south of the border to wreak havoc upon your lives. Mwah ha ha.


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