Your Pounds at Work

And by "pounds", I mean "units of British currency spent on studies that reveal exceptionally profound and heretofore unknown insights into the human psyche".

This is BIG, folks. I mean like hugely big.

Serving suggestion.


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  2. That wasn't me. I'm not smiling.


  3. What ground breaking research and studies we've got going on in the world. One night as a bartender and I could have told you the same thing. Or, one night IN a bar. Or one night being aware of the obvious. Men are pigs.

  4. Men like random poonanni? Well, stop the fucking presses. That is groundbreaking research.

    Poor Stuart. How did you end up with only broads for readers? You need some male support up in here or we are all going to rip you to shreds.

    Carry on.

  5. And thank Cheesus for it!

    What? I'm not going to lie, I shall merely reap the benefits.

    I feel that's more than fair.


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