Karma Koupon of the Nocturne

This particular one gets awarded to me, since I did it and it's my fucking blog. So there.

This past Sunday, I was filling my car with horrendously overpriced refined petroleum when I noticed that the young guy in an older model Mercedes had started to drive away with his gas cap off and the filler door open. I mused about that for a moment until I saw him heading into the automated carwash.

During this time, I was talking to Jodi and told her about the event. (I'm adding this credit 'cause she'll kill me if I don't.) She agreed that I would have to point this out.

So I pulled my car up to the carwash entrance and ran in just as the soap started drizzling, waving at the driver to let him know that I wasn't just touching his car for no reason. I closed the filler door, at which point the guy backed out and exited the car.

He thanked me for saving him from what would have been a disastrous turn of events.

I earned my Koupon for the day.

Tell me your Karma Koupon story.


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  2. Two out of your last four posts you've mentioned Jodi killing you. Ya know, there's places you can go for help. Make a clean break, start over. You don't have to live like this. Remember "The Burning Bed"? You don't want to end up like that.

    Jodi-I'm SO kidding! Please, please don't kill me!

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  4. Jodi, I'd be more worried if she wished Ryan O'Neal on you. That bastard's worse than anal cancer.

    I can't for the life of me remember the last time I did something nice, so I have nothing to add to this heartwarming post.

    Suck it, karma.

  5. Tuesday night I watched a little truck in front of me on the highway almost wipe out when it suddenly swerved. I quickly discovered why: a truck had just lost it's whole tire tread and it was laid out across the whole lane we were driving in. I was just about to exit and I knew there was a police station close by so I detoured and reported it to an officer sitting in his car who typed it into his (very cool, may I add) little onboard laptop-thingy and it was dealt with tout suite! My good deed for the day.

    Off to buy a lottery ticket. Just in case. :o)

  6. Nice work, Laura! A Karma Koupon will be sent to your email soon!

    You'll recognize it by its subject line: "Sameday hurry of V1A6R4!!!"

  7. Still waiting for that coupon...

    Karma does work though, I won tickets to see the ladies play tennis in Toronto (Rogers Cup) tomorrow and Tuesday...woo hoo!


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