Changeup of the Nocturne

This looks wicked scary. Like shit-your-pants wicked scary.

So after that I'll watch some a little more lighthearted and sweet.


  1. Today (6.30am) the sky is still darkness but we already on the way to climbing mountain. This is a dangerous road , die the most cruel death if fall down overhanging . We can't see our hand, sometime we move left hand will touch owl, move right hand will touch snake. Sometime the cool wind is come, 14th July is due (chinese ghost day), i think is "brother & sister" follow us climbing mountain.

  2. Well hello good friend! I was hoping you were a Nigerian prince with much monies to freedom and liking need in kind help!

    Instead, you're a shitty haiku.

    Damn my luck.

  3. Man, I never get odd and random people dropping by my blog! Pfft.

    I'll have to pass on Office Space, I really don't care for scary movies. Shining, on the other hand, that looks like fun for the whole family.


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