Nuns on the Run Update of the Nocturne

There are so many awesome things in this story about nuns, Hondas, boxing gloves and fields that I just don't know where to begin.

But after it all, I have a new favorite phrase of the Nocturne ... "It didn't look right."

And you thought the ruler on the knuckles was bad.


  1. HA! When I was picking Sam up from school on Thursday a local radio station was interviewing Catarina. The DJ said, "So, he's carrying a rifle, a handsaw and a pair of boxing gloves. Did you find that odd?"

    The best part was her talking about chasing him down and that she and the other nun "never felt fear". It was awesome!

    KC in the hizouse!!! Gotta represent!

  2. The only downside I can see in this is that eventually nuns will become so vigilant and dangerous that they'll be outlawed, leading to the catchy ad phrase, "Use a nun, go to prison."


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