Ponderance de Nocturne ...

I really want to do another quiz, but to what should it pertain? More movie stuff? Music trivia? Random things inserted into various orifii?

This truly comes down to you, my two readers. No, the other two. One. Sorry.

Guide me, O unguided ones ...

'Cause otherwise, I got an idea or half.

Pay no attention. He just wants booze. And legs.


  1. I vote for the half an idea.

  2. From me, it would simply be one half-assed idea. Fair enough?

    (I'd love to flash you half a "peace" sign, but that would be rude and I like ya too much.)

    I'll try to come up with half a something though ... (that's what she said!)

  3. I'll take a half double decaffeinated half caf... with a twist of lemon.

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