2012. Doomsday. The End of the World as We Know It (and I feel fine) ...

It's starting already.
Yeah, it's like that.


  1. I heard that Eggos were going to be in short supply...what?

  2. PT - Millions of college students o'er this great land will have to eat Top Ramen not only for lunch and dinner, but for breakfast as well. These are dark days indeed. I blame Al Gore.

  3. The amount of time that Top Ramen is "in date" terrifies me. After the holocaust? Roaches and Ramen. Good times ahead.

    As long as Pop Tarts stay in production then life is good at Case de Stink. Boy eats (at least) one a day.

  4. Roaches & Ramen = best band name, ever!

    I'm not worried about the Eggo shortage. I can quit any time I want.


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