Vista Update

Okay, it seems that for the moment I can post on other blogs. Yippee. As far as I can figure, this BlogLock has to do with either my Google Chrome settings (that I cannot adjust) or perhaps Blogger hates me and wants me to stay up late in order to comment. Or simply that Vista hates anyone who uses a browser not sanctioned by Microsoft (read: any one that works).

In any case, I blame Vista. And Al Gore. Except Vista didn't cause the ice caps to melt.

I never had these types of problems with XP, which of course is why I was forced into using Vista.

Have I made it clear that I am not a fan of Vista? No? Probably because it won't fucking let me. I think that anytime I use the words "fucking" and "Vista" in the same sentence, some slightly pudgy Seattle-based guy in a white short-sleeved shirt and Dad's tie is sitting there sipping on a caramel raisin chai half-caf lattefrappachocomochaccino and chuckling quietly to himself while suppressing the memory of the ridicule and slug-bugs he got back in high school.

I hate that guy.

And the sad part is I never even got to beat him up.

So here, in all its glory, is how I feel. Courtesy of Samsmama, who sent me this. She rawks.


  1. Bought an Apple just to avoid Vista..got a pc with windows 7 and so far so good.. good luck

    and for whats its worth I hate the guy in Seattle too. When you call he never answers. If you get a chance to beat him up call me. I'll hold him down.

  2. My next machine will be a Mac. I used them for years until I had to switch to pc for work stuff.

    Been stuck since.

    I'd like to upgrade to W7, but fuck if I have to pay a buck-thirty for something that should have worked the 12th time around.

    The guy in Seattle? His name's Dwayne, and he has an East Indian accent. Shouldn't be hard to find ...

  3. But really, it does feel good to be a gangster. I will keep using XP until they pry it from my cold, dead PC.

    And I usually end up talking to Dwayne's cousin Bob when I call Symantec.

  4. OMG! Right there! No, don't move!!!! Ok, no a little to the left... STOP! Hold it. Don't. move. a. muscle. WOW! I see avatars!

  5. Of course it still takes no less than 3 attempts to post a comment.


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