It's still the same CrapCam picture as before, but there's my temporary office. What you can't see are all of the file folders that I've shoved off of the table and onto the head of a very tolerant cat. I promise to provide better pictures when I can afford another $12,000 battery for my camera.

Just kidding. That battery is actually on sale at Fry's for only $9,995.

If you look closely, you can see Vista locking up.


  1. Sounds like my desk butI don't even have room in the cabinet to shove things anymore lol

  2. Yay, Stuart!! I love it! I am still trying to wrap my head around a $10k camera battery. What, is it made out of solid gold? Sheesh!

    Thanks for playing!!

  3. You lie. Vista's (ahem) stable, isn't it?

  4. VL - I recently cleaned out a Tardis-like area in my garage, so I can totally relate. It's amazing how much shit can compact itself into such a small area. It's like the house was designed by the same company that builds clown cars.

    Bev - I felt bad for being a tease, so I made due with that picture. And no, the battery for my camera isn't THAT expensive, but when you have to decide between a battery or a six-pack of really good beer, well ...

    Elliott - Yes. Vista is stable in the same way that Margot Kidder naked on my front lawn is stable.

    ps - I've gotten really good at copying text to paste into whatever I'm doing because of Vista's habit of logging me out randomly (for security reasons).

  5. You and Vista...can't you all just get along? I'm sure whatever is in the glass is helping. Maker's Mark? ;)


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