Monday WTF of the ... Whatever

Happy Monday! Let's Yoga!

But please, dear God, not like this. Please.


  1. Somehow I feel that by simply watching this I've ended up on some sort of watch list. Okey dokey, then. On the plus side, it reminded me to breathe.

  2. Don't forget to breathe... and protect your cornhole!

  3. There are simply so many things wrong in this video, hence its inclusion in this sad excuse for a blog. Hope it made y'all cringe!

    Also - "Nice pose, Rasta!" is a phrase I'm going to use daily from now on. Oh yes.

  4. Is Yogi the pedophile really wearing Richie Sambora's acid washed jeans from 1983 to do yoga? My non-existent balls ache from the thought.

    *in my best Chandler voice* Could Rasta be any more racist?


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