Because I have nothing to talk about ...

and because this is just awesome enough to buy me some more time to find something to talk about.

Creamy goodness from the mall. Oh yeah.

I met this guy at a Jason Mraz concert.


  1. Hilarious! I have always loved those OM pics. Weren't those Cary's comments on your link? They seemed familiar. SO funny!

  2. Man, I remember the 70's being that orange. I just thought I was color-blind until I turned 10.

  3. Bev - the comments are from whomever created that list. Great stuff.

    Elliott - they WERE that orange for some people. For most people, though, they were Harvest Gold. [shudder]

    And sorry I've been gone for so long, but Vista was doing security updates. [noneface]

  4. I only feel sorry for those whose entire decade was Avocado Green.

  5. Yep, I did that list way back in 2007. It really made the rounds. Glad you like it!


  6. Do you know how I came to know about List of The Day? My friend emailed me the link to this very post. I thank her daily.

    We had an avocado green kitchen when I was born but moved when I was 3. Right into a harvest gold one. Thanks for the memories!

    And, riiight, blame Vista! You've been missed!

  7. Cary - that came to me via e-mail about a year ago. Guess the good shit does get around! (along with yet ANOTHER piece of fucking Grandma's Hands crap)

    SM - I was lucky. My kitchen was both Avocado Green AND Harvest Gold, with a mix of Pepto-Bismol stool brown and Orange Death highlights. It was awesome.

  8. That dude looks like a combo of the lead singer of Staind and Corky from Life Goes On.

  9. Kari! How the McHell are ya, babe? Don't tell me you have Vista too ...

  10. Stu, that post went super-viral and scored me most of my readers. I was very happy about that. Not sure how it got picked up, but I'm not complaining.

    Vista sucks. Windows sucks. Microsoft sucks.

  11. Stuart! I am fan-fucking-tastic, thank you for asking. And yourself?

    Vista can lick my non-existing balls.

    Warning! An unknown program is trying to lick your non-existing balls. Allow or deny? Allow. Are you sure you want this unknown program to lick your non-existing balls? YES MOFO, I VERY MUCH DO WANT THIS UNKNOWN PROGRAM TO LICK MY NON-EXISTING BALLS! STOP COCK BLOCKING MY NON-EXISTING COCK, VISTA!

    Sorry. I don't know from whence that came. Vista makes me angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

  12. This is why I heart you. Also, I finally checked out your blog and see that it's been updated (it never registered on the Update-O-Meter.)

    Also, I can't seem to comment on LOTD. I have no idea what the McFuck's going on, but there you have it. Unless, of course, Cary just hates me or something.

    Anywhat ... thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the Godawful jokes on your blog. [yes]



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