A feast fit for a king. A king with several tapeworms, some killer weed and a severe eating disorder, I mean.

It started out as just a turkey. Then it became deep-fried turkey. Then someone had the brilliant idea of putting a chicken in a turkey, then a duck in the chicken, and calling it a turducken. Clever, no?

Well, screw that noise. This year it's gonna be big. I mean huge.

An ostrich. Stuffed with an emu. Stuffed with a goose wrapped around a turkey enveloping a chicken fitted over a duck swallowing a quail surrounding a pigeon draped over a parakeet containing a finch lovingly ensconcing a hummingbird. With a raisin inside.

I call it an Ostemugooturchiduquapigakeetfinhumsin. It takes 19 hours to cook at 350 degrees. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

I'll save you a mound.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Actually, I think this is the After picture. I mean like four hours after. After being eaten, I mean. And partially digested.


  1. That looks like something the cartoon bears would need a case of Charmin to wipe off their furry asses.

    And is it just me or is that vaguely vajayjay-ish? Yikes, I think I just vomicked.

    Happy gobble gobble and such.

  2. The technical term is "Tryptophan Prolapse", I think.

    Either way, it's great with cranberry jalapeno relish.

  3. LOL Stuart.

    Not sure I could handle all that bird.. let me know how it was

  4. Oh. Ma. Gawd. Words...I have none.

    Except, I laughed out loud at "Tryptophan Prolapse."

    Happy Thanksgiving and stuff!

  5. Now that I have revealed eat turducken is on my life's to do list, you know that I am so envious I am mentally flipping you the bird. And that bird is an Ostemugooturchiduquapigakeetfinhumsin

  6. Good lord, it was the raisin inside that got me.

    Oh, and it would take all the weed in Humboldt to get me to even consider taking a taste of that monstrosity. So get on that, would ya?

  7. Why don't you just a kill a dog too and chuck it in there? Disgusting.


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