YGBFKM of the Day

I tried to copy and paste the text, but the formatting went all wonky, so instead you can read the story here.

In a nutshell, a couple in Pennsylvania got arrested for not tipping after receiving lousy service at a bar/restaurant.


No really, wow.

Artist's interpretation.


  1. I saw that story on the net, and as a former waitress, I could not believe the service they (didn't get) got. No tip would have been the least of their problems from me. Buncha bullshit, there.

    Kris-who isn't REALLY anonymous...eponymous, maybe.

  2. I think just about every place automatically adds on gratuity for larger parties, so for him to say it wasn't "required" ain't exactly true. The whole thing was handled horribly, though. I agree with Kris, with the fit I'd have thrown I probably would have gotten it all comped. Because I'm a badass.

  3. Oh, and I read the article about the model and her ass overdose. That's awful!

  4. I love that I could watch the video instead of reading the story. That's how I do.
    "manditory gratuity" is now my new favorite phrase. I will use it often.

    Ass overload? Didn't see that one.

  5. Good for them, tips shouldn't be mandatory for large parties either.

  6. Mala, on the sidebar, under "This Just In." Um, the picture of the ass...

  7. Therein lies the whole point - tipping should be voluntary and a gratitude for good service. It should not be expected for doing the least of a job. The difference between four plates and six does not mean the service is any better. If it sucks, it sucks. More suck doesn't make it worthy.



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