"That was a lovely service. Did you pick up the ashes or are they AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Color me old-fashioned, but I'd rather remember a loved one by looking at a nice vase or even a wooden box rather than a full-sized or even a 1/4-scale sized replica head with a flip-open top like Ray Liotta had in Hannibal. But then that's just me.

I'd never get past the fact that it's staring at me.

Kinda like this, only way fucking creepier and not nearly as cool.


  1. Hell to the mother fucking no. That is beyond creepy.

    Hannibal sucked my nonexistent balls, but that scene with Ray was kinda cool. I dig being fed my own fried brains.

  2. See, I thought that scene was really dumb, because it just looked so fake. As, obviously, it was. But yeah, that movie was terrible. Don't throw Julianne Moore and her pancake face and enormous forehead in there and try to make me think it's Agent Starling. Pfftt.

    What were we talking about? Oh, right. Ok, that's the sickest fucking thing I've seen in quite some time. I have a miniature urn and all it contains is a few locks of my brother's hair and it still freaks my husband out. Although I'm a little intrigued at the superhero option.

  3. "What superhero option", you're wondering? Right. It just said "hero". So if I can't keep my granny's ashes in Batman's head, I'm not doing it.

  4. Actually that reminds me... I once was traumatized when walking into my director friend's bathroom and finding a very life-like, disembodied head of his girlfriend, Amanda Plummer, all gory and nasty, mounted on the vanity. A bit ackward when you're tinkeling.

  5. I would rather color you chartreuse with a bit of periwinkle around the edges

    Mala-Amanda Plummer's head, really? Did it say "Any one of you pricks move and I'll execute every last mother fucking one of you?"
    Cause THAT would be disturbing when you tinkle.

  6. Not gonna happen here. Creeps me out.

  7. That is the creepiest goddamn thing I've ever seen in my LIFE.

    Thanks, Stuart! :) [waving cheerily]

  8. Image of the deceased, candle, book, dead rose...Do you get a vial of ceremonial rooster blood with every purchase?


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