Merry Christmas, Freckle-Boy!

This ad was pulled by Tesco because gingers got upset. Thank God it wasn't a Muslim kid.

It's a shame that we can't laugh without fear anymore.

Happy whatever the fuck you celebrate. Just please relax and don't get all shitty.

It's Christmas for those of us who celebrate life and love and caring about those around us. All of them, All of you. Put your religious anger aside and just fucking enjoy a good time. I know it hurts, but do it. Who knows, you might even like that pecan pie.

It's the one time of the year to care.

Don't fuck it up by being a jerk.

Happy Holidays.


  1. Seriously, you have a future in the greeting card industry!

    Have a fucking fantabulous non-denominational holiday.

  2. You're so right. I'm a "ginger" and I thought it was hilarious.

  3. "It's the one time of the year to care.
    Don't fuck it up by being a jerk."

    Put that shit on a t-shirt, STAT! I couldn't agree more, Stuart. Happy Festivus to you & yours!

    WV: Bravenut. Yes, I am.

  4. What if the way I choose to celebrate "Don't Be A Jerk-mas" is by being shitty? Stop telling me what the fuck to do, Stuart. I simply won't have it.

  5. "I know it hurts, but do it." Stuart, that made me a little afraid of you. And, a little turned on by you.

  6. I see your point and the whole PC thing is a pain but there is still no reason to be mean

  7. Geez. Sorry, everyone. I haven't been sleeping well lately and last night I was encouraged to take a sleep aid, which I rarely do. Upon reading this rant I went on, that stuff made me quite a jerk. Sorry about that.

  8. Um, I didn't take this as you being a jerk, but I'm a bit of a jerk, too, so maybe that's why.

    Now, if you'll pardon me, I need to go club some baby seals.

  9. Oh suuuuure, blame the Ambien. That sorry excuse didn't work for Tiger and it's not gonna work for you, Stuart!

    Ha ha, I kid, I kid. I'm with Samsmama - I must also a bit of a jerk, because I didn't even see this is being even slightly jerky. Huh.

    In the words of The Dude, "Well, that's just like, your opinion, maaaan."

  10. Aww, thanks, y'all. That's some crazy shit though. I think I won't take it anymore. Seriously, I vaguely recall even going to bed last night, which is something I haven't done since college. At least not as often, I mean.

  11. I agree. I thought Stuart was being cute and quirky with a little twist of pull-my-hair-and-bite-me sexiness. What???

  12. I didn't think you were a jerk at all, sugar. Well, no more than usual. Am I going to have to start using dorky smiley faces now so you know I'm kidding?

    Stuart, I am offended by everything I've read and I think you are a huge a-hole. :)

    Love you!

  13. Saw this and thought of you...

    "When others are talking never interrupt,
    Don't put people down or leave the toilet seat up,
    It's the time for family and holly and turkey,
    'Tis the season to be jolly not jerky!"



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