By The Numbers - 28 July, 2009

3 Times I've tried to plug a USB device in upside-down.

1 Times my office line has rung with a sale.

1 Times my office line has rung with a problem.

3 Times my office line has rung with an elderly person calling the wrong number.

.02 The increase in the price of gas today.

3,485,715 How many Californians noticed.

3,485,698 How many Californians have no power to do something about it.

0 Californians who actually can and will.

5 Cash-for-Gold commercials I've seen in the last 20 minutes.

2,847 Times Oprah has uttered the word "Amazing!" today.

0.5 Things she finds amazing.

0.5 The cherry cheesecake came close.

0 Africans saved by Bono.

1 Africans saved by Madonna.

1 Nigerians saved by Edith Jankowitz of Winesburg, Ohio.

27,846 Dollars lost by Edith.

0 People reading this.

7 Hours til I have to get up.

This was back when you could smoke around sensitive equipment.


  1. 3 - number of people I have seen spit today.

    5 - number of minutes I was late for work this morning.

    6.50 - number of dollars I earn per hour if my unpaid overtime is factored into my salary.

    1 - number of cars I saw this morning with the license plate 'SxyTang'.

    2,500 - number of dollars I owe for my latest vacation.

    2 - number of times I've been reminded about my vacation debt.

    643 - [approximate] number of times I've reminded myself of my vacation debt.

    14 - number of files on my desk which require my attention.

    8 - number of times I've felt the urge to kick someone in the head today.

    4 - number of times I've heard Green Day on the radio today.

    5.30 - number of dollars I spent on lunch.

    1 - number of jewel-encrusted cocks on my desk.

    7 - number of minutes I've spent typing this.

  2. Well done, Jodi. Well done.

    Cash-For-Gold is a very reputable company, and not at all a total scam.

    1-Number of times I rolled my eyes while typing that.

  3. Oh, thank you, Sam.

    You'll be really proud of me when you find out that it's been hours since I typed that, and I have yet to actually kick anyone in the head.

    The number of times I've wanted to has risen dramatically, however.


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