Seattle Michael Jackson Memorial Update

Seems at least a few people in Seattle miss ol' MJ. These were taken outside of the Music Experience Museum.

The basic tribute:

That's sweet, even if it was written on standard-quality printer paper. Then there's this:

'Cause nothin' says "We miss you!" like an empty packet of Ranch Flavor sunflower seeds. Of course, no MJ tribute would be complete without ...

Cherubs! Sweet sweet cherubs! Iconic imagery of nubile, innocent children. How ... touching.

Speaking of touching, I'm sure MJ would feel esspecialy proud of fans who express their sorrow with an extra consonant. It must be Heven to him.

Hey, at least they didn't say "expeshially".

(poor spelling pointed out by Jodi, who noticed it right away)

This has been your Seattle Michael Jackson Memorial Update.


  1. I've just noticed the pink duct tape used to put up Megan's words of love to MJ.

    If she really loved him, she would have matched the tape to her lipstick. Effing amateur.

  2. The cherubs are beyond disturbing.

    I'd have noticed the spelling right away, too. And Jodi, good call on the duct tape.

    Music "heven". Not too sure that's where he's headed...


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