Why not? Why the hell not?

Pope Palpatine, I mean Benedict XVI, is going .mp3 capable. And no, he's not buying a new iPhone. He's making an
album, much like other pontiffs have done before him.

Not really. This is a first, and a pretty cool first at that. Ain't nothing wrong with adaptation to the zeitgeist; sometimes you have to adjust in order to get your message out to the detached yet highly networked masses.

But this ain't no Southern Baptist Preacher slash Mattress Warehouse Owner. This is the fucking Pope.

The Real Pope. Accept no imitations.

And I say again, why not? I'm all in for a good chant with a bitchin' choral bass line. And if you make one person smile upon listening to it, then your goal is achieved.

I just hope the b-sides rawk too.

Party on, Benny. And Godspeed.


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  2. Stigmata Bobo would be a great name for a Goth band led by a comically rotund singer in black leather.

    Just sayin'.


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