Quiz of the Day: Who died, who died, hush hush, eye to eye ...

Often in a story, a chain of events is set into motion because someone went and got all killed. Sometimes you’ve met them, sometimes they’re already gone, but each of them played a critical role in the plot. We at RSOTD salute the fallen soldier, the sailor, the sinker and tailor, the wife, the Bro, the babe and the ho.

The following is a list of characters and the movies they found were simply to die for. Match ‘em to the movie.

No Google.

Or IMDb.


Laura Palmer

Amanda Hunsaker

Fredrica Bimmel

Benjamin Raspail

Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru

Ben Parker

Dr. Malcolm Crowe

Helen Kimble

Marion Crane

Sam Wheat

Bernie Lomax

Mister Boddy

Pfc. William Santiago


Dennis Vinyard

Joe Takagi

Fawn Liebowitz


Miles Dyson

Eric Draven

Catherine Shelby

Jessie Rockatansky

Yeah, she's dead.

And if you have any to add, please feel free to, like, add them.


  1. No one got in on this?! For shame!

    The ones I know are from Twin Peaks, Silence of the Lambs (x2), Star Wars, Spider Man, The Sixth Sense, The Fugitive, Ghost, Weekend at Bernie's, Clue, A Few Good Men, Top Gun, American History X, Animal House and The Crow.

    Now, who's the biggest dork of them all for taking the time to think about all of that? Me for answering, (and following the rules, no less,) or you for creating?

    Like an Allman Brother's Band song without words, it's me.

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  3. Anonymous people don't sleep much.

    I really need to get myself an identity. Perhaps something from a song...

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  5. Kajagoogoo? Really?

    For fuck's sake, the only one I know that wasn't already taken I can't think of the name of the movie. The one where, ah, I got it. Psycho. OH! And Clue. And Lethal Weapon. I'm on a freaking roll over here!

    *Pats self on back, for no reason*

  6. Hey anonymous, bite my ass. I totally knew all those. Well, most of them. And you got the other one I knew, Samsmama. You don't have to bite my ass, but you are cordially invited to nuzzle it gently.

    Oh, and hi Jodi. :)


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