Change of Plans, or something.

MOTD will soon become RSOTD, which may or may not appeal to a larger audience (3).

This change will happen whenever the hell I get around to it.

There will still be gratuitous cursing.

We hope this has not inconvenienced your other pointless Internet scrolling.

Fuck you very much.


  1. You're going to do a Rim Shot of The Day? Should be interesting.

  2. Am I the third or fourth reader? Either way, I am totally fucking excited about it.

    Rabid Squirrel of the Day?
    Ripe Shit of the Day?
    Rambunctious Scrotum of the Day?

    Oh, and fuck you very much as well, kind sir.

  3. I fear change. Especially dimes... those midget fuckers!

    Yep. Change and Ferris wheels. And World of Warcraft. Scary stuff.

    But hey, progress is progressive!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Samsmama - I was gonna do Rim Job Of The Day, seein's how I now have one o' them thar jobs and all, but I dunna think anyone really wants to see pictures of me actually kissing ass in a non-metaphorical way. At least not yet ...

    Kari - I'm gonna bump you up to Fir- I mean, Second Place, 'cause you're just that fucking awesome and shit.

    Ann - I have no idea who you are, LK, so your comment is moot. Like a Rick Springfield lyric.

    Jodi - You are still first, 'cause I know you'd crush my head with your thighs if I didn't keep you first. Or maybe it's because you crush my head with your thighs. Either way, it's all good.


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