Question of the Night - Placement of Shit

Why is it that certain women of the female gender find it absolutely necessary to place a decorative object within a path of egress? For example, a woman will find a wall hanging that has numerous pointy and potentially deadly if not disfiguring aspects to it and think, "The hallway corner is the perfect place for this. There, right at eye level."

Why is that? So we have no choice but to notice it through our one remaining eye?

If somebody can clarify this sort of insanity, please do so.

I'm just glad sometimes that I wear glasses.

I'm also considering wearing a welding mask at all times, but that's merely for trendiness.

One size fits all. Dry-cleaning recommended.


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  2. Thankfully, my eye level is only chest level for folks of average height.

  3. *bumping fists with Jodi*

    Ovary Twin powers activate in the form of decorative-object-hanging wimmenfolk!

    Isn't this situation some Martha Stewart form of Darwinism? The survival of the fittest to be able to walk around corners without gouging oneself in the eye with a protruding tchotchke?

    Okay, I'll shut up now before I get fired as a fan of this wonderful blog. :)

  4. Yeah Kari, you'd be outta here in a heartbeat if it weren't for your massive ... wits.

    As for the other Smurfettes; seriously? How hard is it to remember that some people are slightly taller and therefore deserve to be ... punished and ... wait. Never mind. I got it now.


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